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Management Skills Training Waikato

Leadership development programmes

Build practical management skills to drive better business results

Our 12-part Active Management programme and 6-part Active Team Leader programme are delivered monthly, with a link to content sent each month. Our courses are conducted in a blended learning environment, meaning that we combine opportunities for interactions with online educational materials and traditional teachings. This mode of learning is proven to be more successful than just sending someone on a course.

Active Management programme

Active Team Leader programme

Active Management programme

The Active Management programme is a powerful practical and proven 1-year development programme for managers in SME businesses.

The structure of this programme is perfectly balanced. It accommodates different learning styles, and allows your managers to develop in each area, with plenty of time to learn and reinforce their new behaviours.

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Management Skills Training Waikato

Active Team Leader programme

The Active Team Leaders Programme (ATL) is a powerful practical and proven 6 months development programme for front-line and first-time managers in SME businesses.

This programme applies the concepts of the Active Manager Programme, for supervisors, team leaders and first-time managers. It builds the practical management skills required every day to drive better business results and unlocks potential for greater performance.

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