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This programme consists of a blend of learning: 10% online content & videos with a supporting workbook 20% peer sharing and accountability 70% practice in the day to day work environment.

Active Management Programme drives better results and creates sustained change by discovering the master skill – learning how to learn. From the outset, participants are introduced to the most important concept: the difference between active and reactive management. Through greater awareness, participants feel more confident and demonstrate improved skills.

This programme is a 12-monthly syllabus, a link to supporting content is sent each month.

There are 12 relevant topics to engage in over the year:


Active vs Reactive management


Managing your time


Getting the big stuff done


Working with your team


Managing priorities


Delegating effectively


Developing Talent


Clear Communication


Difficult Conversations


Meeting Magic


Making better decisions


Managing stress

There is no time away from the business, it's all done while they continue on with their job.

Each month participants will spend:

20-30 mins

20-30 mins of online learning

15 mins

Meeting with their leader for 15 mins

60 mins

Then meeting with their peer managers for 60 mins, moderated by your AMP coach

It's a total of 1.5 to 2 hours invested time each month.

After completing the Active Management Programme Waikato, Managers will be able to:

Think clearly

Think more clearly

Relate effectively

Relate more effectively with others

Use time productively

Prioritise and use their time more productively

Delegate effectively

Delegate effectively to multiply results

Communicate constructively

Communicate in more positive and constructive ways

Get the best from people

Get the best from their people and themselves

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