Building Better Waikato Businesses

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Building Better Waikato Businesses

I'm a practical business management specialist with over 30 years of experience in senior executive roles across several industry sectors in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I also have experience as an SME owner, including owning a magazine publishing company and an award-winning café. 

The Active Management programmes developed by The Breakthrough Co, offer leadership development for operational managers build practical management skills required every day to drive better business results. As a Partner coach, I customise the programme experiences for each client to deliver optimal results.

Graham Billings

As a business coach, I have worked with NZ and AU companies in many diverse areas where my knowledge and guidance help my clients to realise their objectives. Having the privilege of the Waikato river flowing directly in front of my house means I can enjoy walking along the river bank – or enjoying a coffee at one of Cambridge’s many eating places.

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10% Education

Formal learning includes courses

20% Exposure

Social learning in person or online with peers and coach

70% Experience

Repetition of the new skill in day-to-day tasks, challenges and practices

Professional Memberships and Partnerships

We have memberships with The Waikato Chamber of Commerce and the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and I am a trusted Partner of The Breakthrough Co.

Building Better Waikato Businesses

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