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Active Team Leader Programme Waikato

It consists of a blend of learning: 10% online content & video’s with a supporting workbook 20% peer sharing and accountability 70% practice in the day to day work environment

The Active Team Leader Programme (ATL) is a powerful practical and proven 6 months development programme for front-line and first-time managers in SME businesses. Active Team Leader ATL uses our Active Manager programme concepts, reworked for supervisors, team leaders and first-time managers. 

Three main ideas for changing behaviour

You’ll learn the three main ideas for changing behaviour which underpins the programme, and will unlock your potential for greater performance. And you’ll begin your first practice to apply your conscious mind to everyday situations. 

This programme is a 6-monthly syllabus, a link to supporting content is sent each month.

Active Team Leader Programme Waikato

The 6 relevant topics to engage in over six months:


Active vs Reactive management


Managing your time


Working with your team


Delegating effectively


Developing Talent


Clear Communication

There is no time away from the business, it's all done while they continue on with their job.

Each month participants will spend:

20-30 mins

20-30 mins of online learning

15 mins

Meeting with their leader for 15 mins

60 mins

Then meeting with their peer managers for 60 mins, moderated by your ATL coach

It's a total of 1.5 to 2 hours invested time each month.

The outcome

The structure of this programme is perfectly balanced. It accommodates different learning styles and allows your team leaders to develop in each area, with plenty of time to learn and reinforce their new behaviours.

Management soft skills

Develop the soft skills of management – greater awareness, higher productivity and more effective collaboration

Higher level input for better results

Contribute at a higher level for better results

Career advancement skills

Advance their career by developing the core skills required to become a better manager

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