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GGB  Management Programmes Waikato – partnered with The Breakthough Co

Management programmes Waikato

Courses for teams and managers

Programmes that deliver positive outcomes for your business goals.

As a partner coach with The Breakthrough Co, I help business owners become happier, healthier, and wealthier with world-class growth programmes that cater to SMEs and businesses on the growth path with dedicated management teams. I work directly with business owners to help them implement key learnings from the programme, and to guide and support them to achieve greater business success and personal life balance.

More about the programmes

Waikato based leadership management courses and programmes. Developed by Breakthrough Co.

The Breakthrough Co Leadership management programmes Waikato

The Active Management programmes are developed by The Breakthrough Co, providing leadership development for operational managers to build practical management skills required every day to drive better business results. 

As a Partner coach, I customise the programme experiences for each client to deliver optimal results.

The Active Management programmes Waikato

The Active Management programme AMP is a powerful practical and proven 1-year development programme for managers in SME businesses.

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The Active Team Leader programme Waikato

The Active Team Leaders Programme (ATL) is a powerful practical and proven 6 months development programme for front-line and first-time managers in SME businesses

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A total of 1.5 to 2 hours invested time per month

There is no time away from the business, it's all done while they continue on with their job. Each month they will do 20-30 mins of online learning, meet with their leader for 15 mins, and then with their peer team leaders for 60 mins, moderated by your ATL coach.

The outcome

Get the best from your people

Get the best from your people

Attract and keep top staff

Attract and keep high performing staff

A team that can run your business

Create critical mass with a team capable of running your business

Free yourself to focus on growth

Free yourself to focus your time and effort on growth

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